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US lawmaker calls for the recognition of Somaliland

Washington (SD) – Chris Smith, a member of the US House of Representatives, praised the security situation in the Republic of Somaliland describing it as one of the safest places in the Horn of Africa.

The New Jersey Representative Chris Smith, in a speech this week, said Somaliland was a country that had regained its independence from Somalia and that security was tight.

Rep Chris Smith called on the international community to recognize the Republic of Somaliland.

“There is one oasis of stability and that is Somaliland, which is a de facto independent from Somalia, I would like to hear comments from both State and USAID as to how to better recognize Somaliland in the global community” said Rep Chris Smith.

The statement from the US lawmaker was the most talked about political item Somalilanders discussed in the past few days.

Somaliland gained independence from Somalia in 1991, but has not yet received recognition thirty years later.

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