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Vila Somalia hosts SSC Traditional leaders

Mogadishu June 08, 2023 (SD) -Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh and Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre hosted SSC traditional leaders at Villa Somalia on an official state dinner last night, the event was aimed at discussing the situation in Las Anod.

According to the presidential statement, the President called for an immediate ceasefire and for providing opportunities to provide assistance needed by the local population, emphasizing the importance of sustainable peace and stability.

The President also expressed his gratitude for the efforts of the United Nations Security Council in addressing the situation in the city of Las Anod. Furthermore, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud issued a government statement addressing the reconciliation processes of the region, emphasizing that violence should not be used to pursue objectives.

In addition, the SSC traditional leaders expressed gratitude to the President and Prime Minister for the dinner and fruitful discussions, and they presented their position on the situation in Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn regions.

They also highlighted the critical conditions, humanitarian challenges, and the pressing need for assistance faced by the local population, who have been affected by the ongoing conflicts.

The recent escalation of tensions in Laascaanood, following the clashes that occurred in the city, was also discussed. Despite recent attempts to stabilize the situation, sporadic incidents continue to occur, although they have not reached the magnitude witnessed in the past.

The city of Lasaanood has been fighting since February between Somaliland forces and local forces, which have killed and injured hundreds of people, while thousands of others have been displaced.

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