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Somaliland: Security Council appeares to have been misled about the real situation in Las Anod

Hargeisa June 08, 2023 (SD)- Somaliland welcomed but the statement of the United Nations Security Council but added that the UNSC appears to be misinformed about the facts on the ground.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Security Council appeared to have been misled about the real situation in Las Anod and that the Somaliland forces left Las Anod on February 26.

The statement added that Somaliland is concerned that the Security Council failure to recognize the presence of Al Shabaab in Las Anod and Sool region, which is not only a threat to Somaliland but also to neighboring countries and the region, and it called on the council to acknowledge.

Somaliland also said that the only way to resolve the conflict in Las Anod is to remove the Puntland forces from Las Anod.

The statement from Somaliland added that it has been calling for dialogue since the beginning of the conflict but the traditional leaders have refused and that it has provided access to international organizations to deliver humanitarian aid, and that the government has delivered food, water, and health services to the areas where people have been displaced.

The report stated that the Somaliland forces in Sool are defending the territorial independence of Somaliland and its borders recognized when it gained independence, and that the borders of Somaliland are in accordance with Article 4 of the African Union Act which the United Nations recognizes.

On the other hand, An statement from SSC-Khaatumo welcomed the United Nations Security Council’s statement on the situation in Laascaanood. The SSC statement emphasized that they urge the Security Council to pressure Somaliland to halt their aggression and withdraw their troops from the region.

They also expressed their commitment to peaceful negotiations with the Somaliland forces. The statement highlighted that Khaatumo recognizes the principles of the United Nations’ commitment to human rights and called on its international partners to provide assistance to the affected population.

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