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Villa Somalia Down plays Nile talk with Egypt

CAIRO (SD) – Egyptian President Abdelfatah Sisi said that he and Somalia’s visiting President Hassan Sheikh have discussed the issue of the Nile River dam in Ethiopia, which Egypt strongly opposes.

SISI said that he and his counterpart, Hassan Sheikh, discussed the danger of one-sided politics when implementing cross-border river projects.

The governments of Ethiopia and Egypt are in dispute over a dam Ethiopia built on the Nile River, which Egypt says is lowering the water level of the river, a vital source of economical dependence for the people of Egypt.

The former Somalia government led by President Farmajo sided with the Ethiopian government on the dispute between the two countries regarding the dam.

However, President Hassan Sheikh seems to have reversed he Somali government decision in this regard, as Ethiopia recently canceled a visit by President Hassan Sheikh.

A statement from the Somali Presidency did not mention that the two presidents raised the issue of Nile River water, as it negatively affects its relationship with the Ethiopian government.

Also, the two Presidents exchanged information on the state of the region, with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud informing his Egyptian counterpart of his plan based on Somalia’s aim to have a good relationship with all countries that are friends, neighbors and have common interests.

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