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Wadani: Attack on Astan TV could hurt Somaliland investment

Hargeisa (SD) – The opposition Wadani Party has for the first time spoken out against Somaliland government’s arrest of the owner of Astan TV Abdimanan Yusuf.

Khadar Hussein Abdi, secretary general of Wadani opposition party, said the issue of Astan TV is a test for Somaliland’s investment reputation, adding that Somaliland needs to attract investors.

Wadani Party Secretary General Khadar Hussein Abdi said Somaliland benefits everyone who invests in the country, which he said will lead to job creation and taxation.

He called on the Somaliland government led by Muse Bihi Abdi to protect those who invest in the country, and warned against leaning on investors.

“Somaliland’s biggest need today is to find investment. Everyone who invests in this country will create jobs for Somaliland citizens. He will pay taxes.” Said the General Secretary of the Wadani Party.

“When we see a well-functioning business, we should not be greedy and say that we want to take over, using the state power”. he added.

A court is yet to hear the Astan TV CEO Abdimanan Yusuf’s case, traditional leaders, media associations and the public have been calling for the release of owner since his arrest.

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