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Wadani party chairman oversees Sool voter registration process

Las Anod (SD) – The chairman of the opposition party Wadani Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi (Cirro) arrived in Sool region today, where voter registration for the upcoming elections have officially begun.

The chairman was accompanied by the party’s vice presidential candidate Mohamed Ali Aw Abdi, the party’s first vice chairman Mr. Abdirizak Khalif Ahmed, the chairperson of the women’s wing Ms. Fauzia Kayse Farah and other party officials, who begun a large-scale inspection in Las Anod town and many areas in Sool region where voter registration is taking place.

The chairman of the party and his delegation encouraged the people of those areas to take their voter cards so that they can participate in the upcoming elections and elect their representatives to the national assemblies.

The delegation led by Chairman Abdirahman Irro inspected the registration centers in Las Anod town and Gumays, Yagoori, Samakaab, Adhi-cadeye, Canjiid and other areas and observed the registration process.

Eastern Somaliland regions including Sool, have not been able to participate in previous Somaliland elections due to security concerns.

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