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Waddani Party Accuses Pres Bihi for creating slush funds for family members

HARGEISA (SD) -Abdirashid Abdi Jama, chairman of the Wadani Youth Wing, said that money earmarked for the development of Somaliland youth is being embezzled by individuals.

The chairman’s statement comes as the Minister of Finance recently presented the 2022 budget to the House of Representatives.

“For the third year in a row, 2,000,000,000 (two billion shillings or $ 235,000) has been added to the budget for Youth Development, which has so far not been addressed to the youth.” The chairman of Waddani Youth said in a statement.

The chairman continued “The fund, set up by the president, was to boost youth infrastructure and create jobs. The question is, is the president creating jobs for Somaliland’s youth or is he creating slush funds for acquaintances and family members. As a party, we believe that the nation Taxes and the name of the youth should be used personally. “

Somaliland’s rising budget is also said to include projects and budget allocations with no clear intent and explanations, leading to corruption allegations.

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