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Waddani Party calls for an orderly election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives

Hargeisa (SD) – Waddani party Interim chairman Abdikadir H. Ismail Jirde, called for peace among Somaliland’s new members of parliament and candidates for the speakership.

Jirde at a press conference today said all 82 members of the House of Representatives are the same and anyone of them can be the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the two candidates, Abdirizak Khalif and Faraton, are equally qualified.

“They can both do the job, There is nothing wrong with them, I think all 82 MP’s can be speaker of the house as they have gone through all the stages necessary, but the two candidates are the most qualified” said Jirde.

Jirde also called for calm as to avoid casting a negative image on Somaliland’s successful election.

“ In the 2005 elections we had a lot of disruptions but the Guurti intervened and resolved it. We had a successful election and let us concluded it, and ignore the nay Sayers.” Said Jirde.

With the first session of the new parliament set to take place tomorrow, opposition and Kulmiye parties in Somaliland are vying for the presidency of the Somaliland House of Representatives.

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