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Waddani Party criticizes an official’s trip to Norway

Oslo November 05, 2022 (SD) – The director of the Ministry of Health of Somaliland, who is visiting Norway, is facing allegations of corruption during his Oslo trip.

Officials of the Waddani Party representatives in Norway have revealed the scandals related to the Director General of the Ministry of Health of Somaliland Dr. Mohamed Abdi Hargeye’s visit to Norway.

“After our investigations, we found out that the Director General of the Ministry of Health has not received any formal invitation from the Norwegian Health Department.” said the Waddani statement in Norway.

Leaders of the Waddani Party in Norway criticized the leadership and the activities of the Somaliland embassy in Norway.

“The limited knowledge and skills of the Ambassador led to the other individuals receiving the director at the Oslo airport.” said the statement.

The Waddani Opposition Party criticized the Director for traveling at a time when the people of Somaliland are facing a devastating and unprecedented health crisis.

“How is it possible for the director of the ministry of (health) to go on a trip when many people are dying and suffering from an unexplained illness?” asked Waddani.

Director Xergeye has not yet talked about the purpose of his trip or if he is on an official trip to Norway.

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