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Waddani Party Secretary General Criticizes Somaliland’s Agreement With Trafigura

Hargeisa (SD) – Secretary General of the Waddani Opposition Party Khadar Hussein Abdi, held a press conference at the Party’s headquarters in the capital Hargeisa today strongly criticized the agreement that the government has entered into with a company called Trafigura.

The Secretary General of the National Opposition Party spoke at length about the company’s dark history and said that Trafigura had been convicted by a court of conspiracy to bury a banned poison in an African country in effort to make money.

He also said that Amnesty International had written a 232-page report on the company, saying that the company was taking advantage of low-income countries without strong laws. He added that Amnesty International’s report showed that the company was notorious for corruption and similar practices.

Khadar Hussein Abdi called on the Somaliland government to provide more details on the agreement reached with Trafigura and to ease the burden on local oil suppliers. The Secretary General of the Waddani Party said that the Minister of Commerce did not speak openly about the government’s agreement with the company and the fuel tanks they are building for us, adding that there is a lot of ambiguity surrounding the agreement with the company.

The Secretary General of the Waddani Party called on the Government of Somaliland to take a long-term view of issues that affect the lives of the people and the country, adding that the party was preparing to file a complaint against Trafigura in parliament unless the government made the agreement public.

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