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Fighting between AMISOM and Al-Shabaab in Lower Shabelle

Janale (SD) – reports indicate that AMISOM forces and Al-Shabaab fighters clashes in Bula-Mareer district and Janale area in Lower Shabelle region.

Independent sources told local media that fighting broke out after al-Shabaab fighters attacked AMISOM bases in those two regions.

Residents in Lower Shabelle told local media that Al-Shabab were seen firing mortar shells at the AMISOM bases in Bula-Maree and Janale.

Meanwhile, reports from the war-torn areas indicate that AMISOM troops were seen conducting security operations on the outskirts of Janale and Bula Mareer in the Lower Shabelle region.

No official casualties have been reported, but independent sources say there are casualties on both sides.

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