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Waddani: Yusuf Garaad’s visit undermines Somaliland’s independence

HARGEISA (SD) – Somaliland’s Waddani party opposed the arrival of a Somalia Government Official in Hargeisa and said that his trip undermines the sovereignty of Somaliland.

The Information Secretary of the WADDANI party, Mohamud Adan Jama (Galaal), in a statement published on the party’s Facebook page, said that Yusuf Garad’s visit is a blow to the quest and the feelings of the people of Somaliland.

“Letting the leaders of our neighboring country (Somalia) who oppose our independence is a blow to our cause and the feelings of the Somaliland people.” Said Waddani Information Secretary in a released statement.

The secretary accused the government of using the funeral to destroy the agreement reached by Somalilanders in which Somaliland was established.

“We are against the doors that President Muse Bihi wants to open. It is a treason and the public should be aware of it before it becomes a “path of destruction”. Added the secretary.

Somaliland Interior Minister, Mohamed Kahin Ahem was flipflopped on his government’s position regarding the visits, first allowing it, then setting vague rules around it.

Yusuf Garad Omar is the Somali government’s representative for Red Sea affairs, and a previous minister of foreign affairs.

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