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Woman tragically dies on her wedding day in Hargeisa

HARGEISA (SD) – Fadumo Osman Aden tragically died suddenly today on her wedding day in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.

Fadumo suffered a stroke on Friday afternoon and was admitted to Hargeisa International Hospital in Hargeisa.

Fadumo was scheduled to get married to Khalid Mohamed Mohamud today, but died today, according to her relatives, turning the wedding into a funeral.

Fadumo Osman Adan, was a midwife at Hargeisa General Hospital, she has been working for the last 6 months. She was buried in Hargeisa today.

The tragic incident has been widely reported on social media, with people spreading the news of the tragic death, as it has become a painful and tragic event.

Fadumo Osman Aden, was scheduled to marry Khalid Mohamed Mohamud from the United States today, but died at a hospital in Hargeisa just hours before her wedding.

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