PM Roble was the epitome of “Profile in Courage”.

I am praying for a new era of leaders, who are committed to public service and uplifting the communities and citizens they had sworn to serve. There is dignity in putting your country and people first.

A respected “Legacy and Honor” are earned, not by being an expendable & treasonous sell out, but by “Standing Up” for what is right!

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble is an educated, conscientious, experienced technocrat at heart. His admirable strength and courage, is based, on the fact, he’s not a typical self-serving politician, those who have willingly contributed to the underdevelopment and destruction of the country. He is, indeed, very much the man of the hour.

JFK had wrote in 1956 “A Profile in Courage” — a volume of short biographies describing acts of bravery and integrity. Today in Somalia – by The Grace of Allah Almighty PM Roble was the epitome of “Profile in Courage”.

I pray individually, and collectively, we commit to a strategy of “Somalia First” by uplifting our people and preserving our Sovereignty. Somalia was once known as the “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. We have a chance to deliver on this promise, so let’s not waste it by destructive behaviors and actions.

Somalia is rich in natural resources which is enough for all Somali’s to share. Please avoid the destruction of our Homeland and herald a new Golden Age for Somalia.

Guul iyo Gobanimo!

By Kadra Dualeh

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