Somaliland: Traditional Leaders Fear Power Vacuum

There is a growing tension between Somaliland traditional leaders and the military rulers and it has spread to every corner of the country.

The key problem appeared when the local politics progression is going to eclipse, and there is no any future encouragements towards SL recognition or social development.

The gap was increased when a series of mistrusts has been developing during SL military leader hidden foreign visits and meetings with his counter parts in Somalia.

Both top Somali federal government figures and Somaliland exchanged some contacts, as a litmus paper to test how far the SL citizens are happy to their previous independence decisions.

The weakening SL system led to traditional leaders not letting political vacuum and the national interest to vanish, which could happen if fundamental issues left to the current government. Furthermore, bi-lateral negotiations with Federal Government should happen the Sultans should handle them.

Somaliland military leadership accused the Somalia’s president been behind the current traditional camping in order to spoil the national unity and then deteriorates SL position, which ultimately lead to SL as part of Federal government without conditions.

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