Has anyone seen where about is Mr Muse Bihi?

Presently, much of the world is struggling to defeat the current coronavirus epidemic outbreak. The best scientists around the world are all busy to find immunisation for this disease as the death toll rise staggeringly daily. The current trend in which this disease is spreading has taken many scientists and leaders around the world by surprise.

Right now, Italy and Spain are the two worse hit countries but most scientists are predicting that France, United Kingdom and USA cases are increasing in alarming way. The USA has the largest coronavirus cases in the world despite being the largest economy in the world. 

By the same token, almost all the developed and developing countries’ leaders are working to minimise the damage cause by this disease in saving as many human lives as possible by continue advising and educating their populations about the danger pose by this disease.

At the time of national crises, when the people of Somaliland need their leader to lead their nation the most, he is nowhere to be seen. It has been reported that the president is in hiding in his farm that is situated the outskirt of Hargeisa in order to shield himself and his family from the coronavirus.

Unlike so many leaders around the world, Mr Bihi is nowhere to seen. He should be staying in his office and continue updating with the people about the current outbreak. The president should be setting up a taskforce to tackle the problem the country is facing. He should be mobilising the nation’s health system in order to compact this disease. The government should be making makeshift hospitals for every part of the country in order increase the health capacity care of the country to tackle COVID19 cases.

Sadly, the government is not even communicating properly with the people in their effort to tackle this disease. This means that the people of Somaliland don’t have any idea of how to protect themselves and their loved ones from COVID19.

Like many leaders around the world, the president ought to be updating the country daily about the current epidemic; this could be how the people should be protecting themselves and their loved ones from this awful disease. It also means by ensuring that the poorest in the society get access to food by organising the nation to help each other at the time of national crises.

By: Abdi Adan

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