Somaliland’s upcoming election of parliament and council historically is very crucial test!!!

The allegiance and faith of Somaliland Republic continuity proceeds only respecting all fundamental and basic entitlements of fellow citizens especially political Parties to have very fair and free election that all parts content quite satisfactorily.

Another significant demanding of the public will be the process of selecting the candidates of the new Parliament and Council members of new chambers.

Any sitting or serving Parliamentarian or councilors regaining that role again with the peddling of the government’s power or finance; that thwarts completely the democratic system of unrecognized Republic of Somaliland In an action of subverting the constitutional eligibility of equality and fair competition of every and each citizen; that have very financial limitation. But strongly equipped with very outstanding and high skills of knowledge in the specific field to deliver patriotic duties need chances.

The moral conscience of the Nation fully expects very democratic management without debunk of the whole process for frantic threats undermine the belief and principle of Somaliland Republic in general.
The International Communities closely study and analyze Somaliland Republic situations whether entitling a full recognition or being under further evaluation to be more palpable and fit on purpose to win clearly that essential privilege in the future.

All negative dwindling of Somaliland Republic roles on the access throughout recognition could be clawed back for all eligibility with unnecessary blunders committed only in such important time- that all world’s eyes are on Somaliland Parliament and council election.

Disputes and affidavits will not assist Somaliland chase of recognition- but neat democratic process protecting individuals rights equally and fairly attract the International Communities decision to approve Somaliland’s fair joining to the World easily.

Dubious and dictating system favoring certain individuals rescinds Somaliland hopeful gain of governance and independence in the future indeed.

Opposition National Parties do not need to berate or reprimand any possible corruption of the election. But knowing correct in advance every possible path and problem addressing quite smoothly and understandably those issues not to occur.

It is real test of Somaliland democratic process and ripe achievements to be entitled as a nation and forcing Somalia to provide that divorce letter to the Republic of Somaliland for the reason of showing maturity and strength of being an independent Nation from Somalia.

All citizens of Somaliland Republic needs now could be trust, truth and acceptance normality of holding that Parliament and Council election with tremendous restrictions of injustice and wide spread voter fraud.

The Government of President Muse Bihi Abdi should avoid giving any unfair favors to any councilors or parliamentarians serving today to come back with corruption and unnecessary abuse of power.

Approximately twenty years they were illegally serving this nation without clear accountable procedure. Which is asking population whether they are competent or corrupted.

Somaliland Republic Nationhood fate really depends on the upcoming Council and Parliament- where government needs to set up voluntarily task force minimizes all possible catastrophic collapse of this Nation. And give very transparent advice to all parts.

The Government should not peddle any plans giving opportunities to the most appalling and weak councilors to return our Cities Services again.
That could seriously dent the image and existence of Somaliland Republic very much- however President Muse Bihi Abdi and his Government must have very clear policy and messages reach every citizen in time.

The priority and possible vision fix eyes on how the International Communities observe Somaliland Republic election- which is not an easy task making things right.

The biggest difficult could be how the ruling Party Kulmiye select its Parliament and Council representatives.

For sure that sparks disagreements and dissatisfaction among the fellow citizens whether they were permanent Kulmiye Party members or many Wadani and UCID Parties members that believe in prestige is bigger for running for Kulmiye Party.

Nevertheless, the Upcoming Somaliland Republic election is very crucial technically- as Somaliland gets either paralyzed or advanced to the target.

With respect of all elements my warning and wonderful analysis deliver, Somaliland Republic should be aware of that the impact of that election could be very consequential and tough indeed.

All foreign colleagues that often advocate Somaliland Republic principle share that concern with me actually.

It is very sensitive transitional period that puts the country in progressive stage or critical failure by the result of our decision making now.

The return of certain serving Councilors will be unforgivable, undemocratic and destructive of Somaliland Republic governance indeed.

Current parliaments and Councilors totally have no legitimate constitution to be parasite living on this Nation sucking the blood creating massive Wealth. While Hargeisa general Hospital has not basic services or medicine.

The demographic classes divided Somaliland Republic into rich and poor suddenly brings reaction of positive protest against that.

The poor below the poverty line dying shocking hunger and thirst must benefit the upcoming Parliamentarians and Councilors election.
Members understand fully drastic situation of Somaliland people that have no voice.

There is no voice of representation from your cities or remote outskirts that parliamentarians and councilors given votes only care themselves; having with a big belly and bum.

They never go back the constituencies given votes- where pregnant Women die in birth time- where people have no basic issues of clean water, schools, Health and Roads.

No parliamentarian is supposed to live in Hargeisa, the capital, and neglect those made a Parliamentarian.

The sitting President honorable Muse Bihi Abdi should break the chain of ignorance, mismanagement and corruption in both chambers.

Seeking secure Somaliland Republic or retrospection of better livelihood is on the stake for the upcoming election.

But watering down all negative and unnecessary practices in our political system only creates division, hatred and monopoly of power sharing and resources, to benefit in equal distance as a Nation.

Our election of Parliamentarians and Councilors quality of members sends very clear demand of frankness and collective responsibilities both the ruling Party and opposition Parties.

There are very energetic and competent individuals especially women who lack of that fair access and recommendation of getting that opportunity.

Our skillful and knowledgeable citizens should compete despite of their capacity and capability. But any unfair favoring really ruin Somaliland into unrepairable damage at the end.

Abdilahi Hassan.

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