The Catalyzed Political Changes of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

As a freelance writer in this article – providing for the first time in recent history this elections had huge implications for the Somali people, and for the international community’s strengthening their supports for Somalia’s progress.  

In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency (AA) during his visit in Turkey at the invitation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Mohamud shared his thoughts on post-conflict challenges, fragility, economic hardship and the fight against terrorism, he said: Somalia’s ultimate goal is to eliminate terrorism, and the military approach is very important and fundamental. “But it’s not enough by itself,” he underlined.

“We developed a new policy that is a paradigm shift that we want al-Shabab to be confronted on three different fronts,” he said.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud gracefully outlined the main most important talking points related messages to The Somali Militarily, that Turkey has been supporting and training. Declaring the dawn of a new era for higher values and commitments, making each of his audience individually uplifting their patriotism duties for the sake of a better cause for the long term success.

Political and social reconciliation will be his biggest focus and not pursuing retaliatory policies,while building trust between the federal and regional states- promising to build “Soomaali Heshiis ah, Dunidana Heshiis la ah” (a Somalia that is at peace with itself and at peace with the world).

Having sufficient experience getting a second chance Hassan Sheikh understands the major callosal expectations of the society who needs insecurity to be tackled , while resolving inflation, and the severe drought. 

Based on what is known at this point in time we’ve got a Newly Re-elected willing Cautious President.

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