The Greater Somalia Ambition, the Flag remains a problem

In 26 June 1960, the Somali ethnic in the Horn of Africa inaugurated
their first independent state, after Britain terminated it’s protection of Somaliland.

Somalis are a color ethnic group living in the Northeastern of the Horn
of Africa countries, from Mombasa to Obock and from the Horn to

The Somali terotories contain (1. Republic of Djibouti, 2. Republic of
Somaliland, 3. The federal Republic of Somalia, Kilil5 of Ethiopia and
the Northeastern Province o Kenya),

In late fifties till late 1970s, they wanted to bring all Somalis
under one flag, the greater Somalia.

This flag was officially adopted on October 12, 1954. The blue field
is the same shade used by the United Nations. The five-pointed white
“Star of Unity” is symbolic of the Somali race found in Djibouti,
Ethiopia, Kenya and the former British and Italian colonies,
in response of the Somali ambition of bringing Somalis under one flag.

On their way to that mission On July 1st 1960, two out of five made
their first trail Unification between the Republic of Somaliland
(former British Protectorate) and Somalia (former UN
trusteeship Under Italy), haphazardly creating the Somali Republic.

On the occasion of the 26 June 1960, Abdillahi Suldan known as
Tima’Adde composed the well known poem called (Kana Siib Kana Saar),
which he questions the legitimacy of the Somali flag.

He said “Calankaanu Sugayneen, Sahankiisa ahaynoow (Means) “the Flag
we long waited and searching (using the word Sahan) which Somalis use
to search for their animals water and pasture.

Seerma weydo Hilaacdiyo Sagal maanta Daroorayo (the cloud that started
with (Hillaac macnee) mean he wanted to see the sign of Hillac in
Somali flag, but he couldn’t. He continues (Siigadii na maydhee) he
wanted to see the dusting (red color coming out of the land and the
cloud is raining on it. But he couldn’t see it.

Finally, he said (Saqdhexe ayaanu ahayne, kii soo saaray cadceedoow (he wanted the night darkness of colony left and a sign showing the day light to be on the Somali flag. But he couldn’t see it, because the star which
shows night light is still on the Somali flag. For this reason he
suspected, and he said “aan siduu yahay eegnee, kana siib, kana saar
(to double check it, whether it is the right one or not, please
lower(British) this one and raise the other one(Somalia)”.

All in all Tima’adde found that this flag is not the one that Somalis
were searching. And he asked to double check. Besides that, in the
Islamic perspective day and night are two Signs of Allah and they will
not come together till the end of the World and Somali flag holds them
together. Because stars are seen in the sky in the night and blue is
seen in the sky in the daylight. So Somalis want to bring together
the two signs of Allah before the doomsday.

On the other hand all the successful Somali states, Djibouti, Somalis
in Ethiopia and Somaliland have flag similarities, all have a sign of
cloud, red of dusting and green of the outcome of the rain.

By Mohamed Amin Jibril

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