Jubbaland sends stern warning to Al-Shabaab sympathisers

KISMAYO (SD) – Jubbaland state has vowed to take against traditional elders or anyone with links to terrorist organisations amid Somalia intensified operations against al-Shabaab militants.

During a weekly meeting by the President of Jubbaland regional state, Ahmed Mohamed Islam, the state’s cabinet has warned the locals against collaborating with Al-Shabaab.

Ministers have directed the security forces to enforce tough decisions to deal with those linked with Al-Shabaab.

“The meeting is sending stern warning to anyone or any group who would threaten the security of the elections. The Security Council issued a stern warning to traditional elders or anyone with links to terrorist organisations who will violate the Security Council’s decision to enforce tough security decisions,” Jubbaland state said in a statement.

The development comes amid Somali forces enhanced their operation against the militants in south and central Somalia.

According to the military, the forces killed more than 200 al-shabaab fighters and recaptured villages in central regions.

Meanwhile al-Shabaab which still controls villages and towns conducts deadly attack on military bases belonging to Somali army and African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom).

The group also carries out bomb attacks in major towns including the capital.

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