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Somaliland police seize Alcohol smuggled into Hargeisa

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland Police in Hargeisa held a press conference today and confirmed they have managed to seize alcohol hidden in a Khat truck from Ethiopia.

Boxes of Alcohol were hidden in Khat sacks, placing Khat on top and bottom of the boxes to make it look as if the truck was only carrying Khat.

“The sacks you see, which contain Khat, are not just Khat,” said police chief General Dabagale at today’s press conference.

“The Khat trucks were loaded with alcohol and Khat was loaded on top,” Dabagale added.

The commander said the officers who seized the alcohol refused a bribe.

“The liquor dealer had offered $3000 bribe to the two soldiers that seized the Alcohol, then offered to give them the transport truck” said Dabagale.

Adding “Fortunately, the soldiers confiscated the money, alcohol, Truck and arresting the two men.” he said.

Traffickers use a variety of tactics to smuggle alcohol and cannabis with success at times, into Somaliland.

Somaliland, a Muslim country, alcohol is banned by Law.

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