Pres. Trump to face Impeachment investigation

Washington(SD)-The Democratic Party has launched an official Impeachment investigation on President Donald Trump, the proceedings are about a request made by the US president to the Ukraine president, according to US media reports.

The decision to investigate comes from the head of the US house of representatives, and a Democratic senior Leader Nancy Pelosi, who said: “The president must face accountability.”

Mr Trump denied taking such a step, calling this latest efforts by the US house ‘wasteful’.

Last week reports say US intelligence officials have criticized the  Mr Trump for a conversation he had with a foreign leader, which was later announced as Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

A senior US intelligence official has said that President Trump has put conditions on Ukraine’s military assistance, Trump has asked the Ukrainian president to open an investigation into presidential candidate Joe Biden and his Son who did work in the Ukraine.

The White House refused to share the president’s conversation with the US house of representatives, hence the Impeachment.

Mr Trump has accused without evidence, that the former vice president interfered, and got prosecutor of the Ukrainian fired for investigating Mr Biden’s son, who was on the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian energy company.  

Ms Pelosi said Mr Trump had committed “abuse of power”, and described his actions as “a failure of his constitutional obligations”.

Mr Biden has denied any wrongdoing and has supported the impeachment charges against the president, until the US president allows an investigation in his conduct.

Trump if Impeached will be the third president that goes through that process.  No American president has ever stripped of his presidency through Impeachment.

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