Kenya and Somalia reach an agreement

NY(SD)-A three-way meeting in New York City with Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi have resulted an agreement, according to Villa Somalia.

The meeting was organized by the African Union Commission Chairman and President of Egypt, Abdifatah al-Sisi, the parties agreed to restore relations between Somalia and Kenya, and take diplomatic measures to build trust between both governments and the public.

According to Villa Somalia’s statement, the presidents agreed to form a joint committee of the two parties working to achieve the current agreement.

The statement further stated that the Federal Government of Somalia has maintained that the case of the maritime court should be left to the International Criminal Court, which was agreed.

The two Presidents also agreed to abstain from anything that could cause further conflict, and to both focus on defeating terrorist groups.

The Federal Government of Somalia has said it would like to thank Egyptian President Abdifatah Al-Sisi for his leadership in the talks between Kenya and Somalia.

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  1. Well! Say it a “win-win event” to Somalia. It is known that the Kenyan government didn´t leave a stone unturned to muscle-show Somalia that it is now and only now that Kenya can benefit from whatever Claim that it can put on it´s weak neighbour, Somalia: land border, maritime border, internal political gains (Regional interference) and on and on. This is quite an equivalent somali saying “Ku qabso ku qadi mayside” – Claim What ever now in Somalia, you do not go without something”. The Somali Government, instead, has shown a steady flow of highly rated diplomatic caliber that made President Farmajo and Prime Minister Khayrre to earn a Premio of Good Governance from the International Political arena. If Kenya is now ready to scratch the back of Somalia so is Somalia ready to scratch its back ( putting diplomatic relations back in order.

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