King Burmadow: Somaliland Government doesn’t want peace in El-Afweyn

Hargeisa(SD)-King Osman Mohamud (Burmadow) said the reason the El-Afweyn fighting keeps reoccurring and will not settle down was because of the Somaliland government, and called the government weak.

Speaking at a cultural event, the king rebuked the government for abandoning its role in resolving the conflict in the El-Afweyn.

“For the people of Somaliland today, I am declaring that the irresponsibility in El-Afweyn is because lack of Statehood and we promise you to accept every decision that the people of Somaliland give us. But What is missing is the role of the government. When we reach an agreement, the implementation by the government is missing, We can assure you that there were instances we requested that the government arrest and hold murderers we captured three times, only to have been released by the government and subsequently killed people in public every time. The Somaliland government couldn’t stabilize a small town, We have a weak government in the country, we have no strong opposition parties to fight and direct. In the case of a El-Afweyn, the government does not want peace and will not enforce any agreement we reach”. concluded King Burmadow

Somalilanders have been for a long time wondering who’s fault it was, that the El-Afweyn war just seems to go on and on.

King Burmadow’s frustration finally shined a light the reason El-Afweyn have yet to settle.

The Somaliland Government and the opposition parties have yet to comment King Burmadow’s accussations.

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