Mogadishu(SD)-Al-Shabab has announced that they carried out a major suicide bombing at a base in the Lower Shabelle region of Bali-dogle, where US and DANAB troops are based.

The attack started with a car full of explosives, which was reportedly hit at the entrance of the US military base at Balodoogle Airport in Lower Shabelle.

The US embassy in Somalia has condemned the al-Shabaab attack on the base of Bali-Dogle, a US military base and training camp.

A statement from the embassy said that no casualties were reported by the country’s armed forces in the base of Bali-Dogle in Lower Shabelle.

The United States described the attack as an indication that al-Shabaab is a hindrance to Somalia’s development, peace and prosperity.

Somali Federal authorities said that the al-Shabab fighters failed it’s attack on a US forces, AMISOM and Somali government forces base.

The federal government also said all fighters who attacked Bali-Dogle base were killed,

Despite the the federal government and al-Shabaab claiming victory, there are no independent reports on the fighting at Bali-dogle base today.

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