Speaker of the upper House and the Deputy PM of Somalia need to Speak out or Resign

Mogadishu(SD)-The President of the Government of Somalia Mohamed Farmajo is seen pictured with a convicted war criminal Yusuf Abdi Ali Tukeh in Washington this week.

They were both attending an opening ceremony for the Somalia embassy in Washington.

In May of this year, a Jury convicted Yusuf Abdi Ali for being responsible for torturing Farhan Warfa 30 years ago in Gabiley, Somaliland.

The Court reached it’s decision after three days of deliberation in Alexandria, a Washington suburb where the Somalia embassy is now and the president took the Selfie with Col. Tukeh.

Both Men, Farmajo and Tukeh at the time of the crimes were working to preserve the dictatorial government of Siad Barre, which explains the Selfie.

But the question for Farmajo is, how does Tukeh who is not good enough to drive Uber or Lyft is good enough to pose a Selfie with you and work as a security detail at the Somalia embassy?

Col Tukeh

The presidents Selfie with Col. Tukeh flies in the face of the greater Somalia ideology and the Somalilanders who believe in it.

Chairman of the Somalia upper house Abdi Hashi Abdullahi abdi the deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled Kadar who both hail from current Somaliland need to speak to this fiasco or resign, specially, if they’re there to safe guard what Somalinimo means.

There are other Somalilanders who profess to greater Somalia ideology who also need to stand up and speak the truth.

For Farmajo and his ilk are not there or are beholden the same ideology, but rather want to defend the crimes of the past.

“For Bashe Yousuf, Aziz Deria, Buralle Mohamoud, Ahmed Gulaid, Abukar Hassan Ahmed, and Farhan Warfaa, federal judges half a world away are singularly able to acknowledge their suffering, endorse an authoritative record of the injuries they survived, and confirm the responsibility of their persecutors.” CJA.

And if any Somali let alone a Somalilander fails to acknowledge this brazen action to defend the crimes committed not only Col. Tukeh but also Farmajo and his elk, truly they lack courage and are the definition of sellouts.

The Somalia opposition criticized the President’s Selfie with Col. Tukeh and apologized to the victims of behalf of all Somalis.



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