A former Somalia Pres. denied to travel to Kismayo

Mogadishu(SD)-Reports indicate that Somalia’s former President Sheik Shariif Sh. Ahmed was denied to travel to Kismayo by the Somali Government.

An order from the Civil Aviation Authority has notified flight operators to Kismayo to register and request approval from the Agency 24 hours in advance.

But it is said that the  civilian plane that Sharif Sheikh Ahmed was on was prevented from flying to Kismayo at the Mogadishu airport.

It is not known why the airline was blocked or didn’t meet the requirements of the aviation authorities, or that they have specifically targeted former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

On the other hand, a message from the Jubbaland administration is said to have informed the airline that they could not land in Kismayo unless Sharif Sheikh Ahmed is denied to travel to Kismayo today.

The Somali government has already ordered all flights to Kismayo go through the Mogadishu airport for investigation, and today, a statement from the Civil Aviation Authority notified all airlines that are traveling to Kismayo to register 24 hours in advance.

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