Somaliland cancels a prominent religious cleric’s seminar in Hargeisa

Hargeisa(SD)-The Somaliland government has cancelled a prominent religious cleric Sheikh Mohamed Idris from holding a seminar on the couple’s happiness in Hargeisa.

“We have suspended a so called training, advertised on social media, a training that the government does not know about is inappropriate to hold and if a person wants to hold a training they should to go through relevant government departments,” said the governor of Maroodi Jeh  Jama Ahmed.

When asked whether the issue was that the Sheikh a publicly talked about unity with Somalia, the governor replied.

“”If the cleric goes into politics and insults the government, then comes to the same government and says he will a training, we won’t allow anyone to do that, and foe Someone who opposes Somaliland will not hold seminars or hold meetings here.” said the govenor.

However, Sheikh Mohamed Idris has visited Somaliland many times and has written articles praising security and development in Somaliland. However, since he announced his latest Seminar, a lot of folks who oppose the Cleric, dug up speeches he made promoting greater Somali Unity, and that’s the reason people suspect the cancellation of his seminar.

Sheikh Mohamed Idris did not comment the cancelation of his seminar in Hargeisa yet.


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