A Somali government official related to president Bihi in Hargeisa

Hargeisa (SD) – Abdikadir David Egeh, Somalia’s Supreme Court Secretary General has been hiding in Hargeisa for three months.

The Official has driven from Jigjiga to come to Hargeisa, in order to avoid detection by the public and media, according to sources.

The Somalia official in Hargeisa is one of President Muse Bihi’s close relatives.

Somaliland law prohibits Somalilanders holding positions in Somalia’s government to come to Somaliland, they have been arrested and deported in the past.

The official has been seen freely walking around in the capital Hargeisa with little or no concern for arrest.

Sources also indicated to somalidispatch.com that Secretary General Abdikadir Egeh have been having secret meetings with Somaliland officials, its not known what they discussed.

The Secretary general’s secret visit to Somaliland indicates the tribal double standard of this government.

The Visit comes merely weeks after Somaliland President Bihi met with Somalia’s President Farmajo in Addis and agreed to him visiting Hargeisa. The trip was cancelled after a public uproar.

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