Abdisalam Abdirahman Warsame, a convicted Rapist released

Garowe (SD) – Abdisalam Abdirahman Warsame, who was sentenced to death in the murder and rape case of Aisha Elias Adan, made his first public appearance on social media.

Abdisalam’s release is due to Aisha’s dad excepting a settlement for his daughter’s murder, according to sources.

Other sources said that Abdisalam did not take part in the incident, and the DNA evidence used to link him to the crime was like that of his brother.

Puntland judicial authorities have previously said that whether to execute the convicted criminals or not was Aisha’s Father to make, and the administration has done its duty to arrest criminals and bring them to justice.

Tomorrow is the ten-day deadline for Puntland courts to revisit and do further investigations on the case.

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