Ahmed Madobe reportedly moved out of Kismayo

Dhobley (SD) – Jubaland regional president seems to have left Kismayo due to security concerns in the capital and would be working from Dhobley.

According to sources, the federal government security pressures and rival armed tribes forced the state leader in retreating to Dhobley.

Ahmed Madobe’s forces and their military equipment have been transported to Dhobley where he would be based, according to sources.

Although Jubaland officials say Ahmed Madobe is in Dhobley for training new Jubaland troops there, there are credible reports that there are other issues, such as security threats.

The town of Dhobley at the border with Somalia and Kenya, is a town populated by Ahmed Madobe’s supporters, there are Kenyan troops located in Dhobley as well.

The president is also said to be visiting the capital Kismayo periodically, according to the sources who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity.

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