Minister Awad addresses Puntland’s Consultative Conference, and took shots at Deni

Garowe (SD) – Somali Foreign Minister Ahmed Issa Awad, speaking on behalf of the Somali Federal Government’s delegation at the Puntland consultative conference, called on Puntland leaders to convey their concerns in a brotherly manner without harming the Somali unity.

“Sometimes we feel that Puntland is claiming on its own that they are the mother of the federal government, mothers are known to be good to her children. Puntland is expected to make a great contribution to the governance of Somalia,” said Minister Awad.

Minister Awad told the attendees that the government has asked him to inform Puntland to submit their concerns, rather then escalate the dispute.

“We hope that the Puntland authorities will address the challenges with the Federal Government can be presented in a brotherly way and the Somali unity will not be compromised. On behalf of the Somali President, we call for strengthening confidence, the Constitution and other issues. We appeal to the Puntland authorities to strengthen the trust, not to take it to the air waves.” Said the foreign minister.

The minister said that the federal government is eager to see President Deni come to Mogadishu, in order to build confidence in the partnership between the federal government and Puntland.

President Deni addressed the opening of the Puntland consultative conference with the allegation that the federal government was doing everything possible to take control over the regional administrations, which was not going to work.

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