Puntland speaker: The Somalia and Somaliland talks are illegal

Garowe (SD) – The Speaker of the Puntland Parliament Abdirashid Yusuf Jibril, who addressed at the opening of the Puntland consultative meeting, has declared talks between the federal government and the Somaliland government illegal.

“There are talks that the federal government has called on to say that they will engage with Somaliland, these are illegal talks, the planned talks are between North and South, where does that leave Puntland.” Said the speaker.

He also said that he is one of the highest-ranking Puntland officials representing Sool and Sanag regions, and he has warned that Puntland will not accept talks between the federal government and Somaliland that they do not lead.

Finally, the speaker of the Puntland parliament urged the people of Puntland to believe in their government until the country is united and ratifies an agreed upon constitution.

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