Ahmed Madobe: There is no inclusive political system in Somalia

Kismayo(SD)-Jubbaland regional president Ahmed Mohamed Islam [Ahmed Madobe] rejected the points made yesterday by the Somali Partnership Forum in Mogadishu.

President Ahmed Madobe, who’s election is opposed by the federal government, said an inclusive political process does not exist in the country, he added that the outcome of the conference which concluded yesterday in Mogadishu does not benefit the Somali people.

He made the remarks at a ceremony marking the 4th anniversary of the Jubbaland TV, He added that it is important to first reach a comprehensive agreement on the issues of governance process, which in turn could facilitate the successful completion of the Constitution.

“The debt pardon will not come into effect, as the leaders of Villa Somalia are trampling on the country’s laws, everyone should be participating in the debt rescheduling, but the government is not on that path yet” said Ahmed Madobe.

The speeches made by the representatives of the international community at a conference on Somalia Cooperation have been mainly focused on the conflict between the government and some regional administrations, in particular, UN representative James Swan urged the government and Jubbaland to end their dispute through dialogue.

The Federal Government has yet to recognize the re-election of the president of the Jubbaland state and this has led to serious conflict between the government and the Jubbaland state.

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