Clans clash near Sayla over farmland

Sayla(SD)-Two clans have clashed over farming issues in Sayla district in Selel province, which some ministers have gone to to end the dispute.

The Ministers participating in the resolution of the dispute between the two communities include the Minister of Defense, Minister of Health, Minister of Water Development, Deputy Minister of Interior and Operational Head of the Police.

This delegation is led by Somaliland’s Minister for Water Development Saleban Yusuf Ali Koore, and the delegation met separately with the elders of both sides to mediate the two clans.

The Somaliland Minister for Water Development Saleban Koore said that these two clans are all created by God on this region, and that they’re all relatives, there is no need for separation.

Minister Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore appealed to both parties to abide by the government’s decisions and resolutions that would go to resolve the issue in the area, and added that they would combine both traditional and governmental.

The ministers said the government is making serious decisions in the ongoing violence in Somaliland, and will not allow prolonged inter-clan conflict, and thanked the two communities in the conflict that they had controlled it to the best of their ability, and commending them for their patience.

Somaliland’s Minister of Agriculture Ahmed Mumin is said to be deciding on disputes over agriculture, which is the basis of the conflict between these two communities.

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