Al-Shabaab attacks Kenyan military bases in Somalia

Mogadishu(SD)-Reports from Gedo region in Southern Somalia indicate that Al-Shabaab forces hit an Kenyan army base in an area called Dhajanbulo near dhoobley town.

Residents told the media that they heard heavy gunfire exchanged by both sides at a military base near the border between Somalia and Kenya.

Al-Shabab said through its website that they had taken control of the Kenyan military bases in Dhajanbuula, and had been under their control for hours.

Meanwhile, reports from Wajer District in Kenya’s North Eastern Province say that two Al-Shabab detainees have been killed in an attack on a police station in Kenya.

Wajer Police officials said that the attack by Al Shabab was strong and wanted to free prisoners as to not get information from them, however, died in a fire at the station.

Al-Shabaab did not comment on the alleged killing of their own members by the Kenyan military.

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