Puntland Prosecutor Demands Removal of MP Hassan Daad for questioning President Deni

Garowe(SD)-Puntland’s Attorney General sues MP Hassan Daad of Puntland House of Representatives, after recently questioning the President in the House.

A statement published in state media said Puntland’s Deputy Attorney General, Mohamed Hared Farah, demanded that Mr. Daad’s immunity removed by the body ,so they can charge him for violations of the Constitution and the Rules of Parliament.

According to the prosecution text, the charges against lawmaker Awil Hassan Daad stemmed from a question he asked President Deni at the opening of the 45th session of the Puntland Parliament.

The Puntland president was seen storming out of the parliament after the line of questioning.

It’s a dangerous precedent that the Puntland government asserts not to be questioned by MP’s.

However, the Attorney General did not elaborate on the prosecutor’s case as well as the time of trial.

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