Somaliland convenes a meeting with Awdal region elders

Borama(SD)-In Borama the center of Awdal region, government officials and traditional elders of Jibril Yonis clan held a fruitless meeting regarding the recent police station attack.

The elders were seen entering the office of Awdal region in order to meet with the mayor of Awdal, Borama mayor, regional and district police officers, regional intelligence chiefs, the Somaliland National Army Chief and the Somaliland Minister of Commerce.

The press wasn’t invited to the meeting, but sources said there was a heated debate, regarding the elders of this community’s position on the Sultan’s Wabar’s rebel group and how to approach it in the future.

It was last night, when Sultan Wabar told the BBC that the traditional elders who voted for him supported his position, Awdal regional administration leaning on an agreement signed by twenty-two elders and Jibril Yonis clan, threatened to imprison those elders if their position is not clarified with the media.

For their part, these predators were reluctant to talk to the media and instead requested a mediation, the elders requested that the regional administration of Awdal should support the disbandment of the militia, a plan that the regional administration has described as unclear.

However, the security situation in the city remains calm, although it is unclear what will happen in the future, as both sides are working to end the crisis.

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