Al-Shabaab claims beheading of Kenyan official

NAIROBI (SD) – Somalia’s militant group has claimed the responsibility for the murder of a chief in northern Kenya.

Last Friday, gunmen stormed Gumurey, a village near the border with Somalia.

After heavy clashes with police in the area, the group managed kidnap Omar Adan Buul, the head of the Gumarey sub-location in Wajir county.

The gunmen also lectured the locals and warned them against working with Kenyan government.

On Tuesday, herders in Qorfa-Harar locality had found the head of Buul on roadside, according to Kenya police. The police also said the body of the victim is yet to be found.

“It is true the chief who went missing last week on Friday has been found dead. His head was dumped on the road but the rest of the body has not been found,” a local police officer who sought anonymity told AFP.

Through their Shahada News Agency, Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the “execution.”

Al-Shabaab militant group has been carrying out attacks in Kenyan towns since 2011 when the East Africa nation sent its troops Somalia.

The group targeted Kenya military forces working under the framework of African Union Mission in Somalia.

Among the deadly attacks on Kenya military by al-Shabaab in Somalia are El-Adde and Kulbiyow raids which claimed lives of hundreds of soldiers.

Al-Shabaab also conducted attack inside Kenya including Westgate mall and Garissa University where over three hundred people were killed.

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