Al-Shabaab for the first time addresses the Maritimes case between Somalia and Kenya

Mogadishu(SD)-Al-Shabaab has for the first time issued reports on maritime disputes between the governments of Somalia and Kenya, and the likely outcome of the ICJ’s trial in the maritime dispute between the two countries.

Al-Shabaab leader Sheikh Ahmed Omar Abu Ubaid, who recorded a 20-minute audio, addressing many critical issues in Somalia.

Abu Ubaid spoke about the situation in Somalia, particularly in the war against the federal government, and said that it had intensified its war on the government and that the United Nations envoy to Somalia narrowly escaped with his life.

The Al-Shabaab leader has voiced concern over the Maritimes tensions between Kenya and Somalia, and said they will not accept any decision from the international court and will fight against Kenya until they liberate the land Kenya occupies.

It’s the first time the Al Shabab leader Abu Ubeida addressed the Maritimes case between Somali and Kenya.

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