Ali Baghdadi, the architect and beneficiary of the political disarray in Somaliland

Hargeisa(SD)-Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi came to prominence during the last presidential election in Somaliland as a major political fundraiser and a clan provocateur.

Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi who was living in Canada at the time, know for just that in the Wadani tribal circles.

The Kulmiye and UCID Diaspora supporters also knew this, and were dump founded when President Muse Bihi appointed him to Central Bank Governor, a position held by a Kulmiye loyalist and a Garhajis technocrat.

Looking back, he obviously was a political double agent, leaving those who worked and trusted him including presidential candidate Abdirahman Ciro silent, and in fear of leaking their secrets, straight out of Donald Trump’s plat book.

Wadani members and supporters, specially those he tribally winded up during the presidential campaign would not be caught dead criticizing him, in fact they will fight anyone who dares to tell his politically and tribally treasonous story.

Mr. Baghdadi is now the only person benefitting from the political discourse between the Kulmiye government and the Garhajis opposition, which ironically, is where president Bihi put him in charge.

He has convinced president Bihi, that there is a political value to keep Journalist Abdimalik Oldon in prison, not to listen to the Garhajis request to pardon Col. Arre, even though he worked on it, and that it will galvanize his supporters and will fracture the opposition.

He is on the other hand, telling the Garhajis opposition and traditional leaders, that Kulmiye is weak, divided and is on the verge of giving in to all of Garhajis demands.

One of the reason’s Mr. Baghdad is fueling this political stalemate is to fill his coffers with public funds meant for selutions, and to stay relevant.

Ali Baghdadi is the to go person for all the Garhajis issues in the country, and as such, he is, his clan’s to go person for all things the government.

Baghdadi also convinced the President to block Hadhwanaag News as to put a political wedge in the solidarity of Matanaha, a political block consisting of Garhajis and Arap oartisans.    

This gives Mr. Baghdadi the advantage in keeping the parties separate and at loggerheads, sabotaging all dialogue and discourse.

According to sources close to Mr. Bihi, there is a dismay in the cabinet on the role and the hold Baghdadi had cultivated with the president.

It brought all other national issues, including foreign efforts to a stand still.

Just take a look at the fact that both Kulmiye and Wadani have yet to nominate their election committee members.

Like wise, some Wadani supporters can’t understand the role the defector is playing in their party.

It will be interesting to watch the next few months were Mr. Baghdadi’s political charade will land him, save to assume back in Toronto and driving Uber.



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