Ali Baghdadi to face Canada’s International Anti-Corruption Unit, according to sources

Toronto(SD)-Canadians living abroad, like Ali Ibrahim Jama Baghdadi, who is currently living and working in Hargeisa, Somaliland are expected to adhere to Canadian law.

Ali Baghdadi is accused of violating Canada’s Corruption laws by bribing Somaliland authorities in order to arrest and torture the Hadhwanaag local journalist in effort to muzzle journalist.

Baghdadi is also accused of stuffing his coffers with public funds by Canadians of Somaliland heritage.

“Canada’s Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act prohibits Canadian citizens or businesses from bribing foreign public officials to obtain or retain an advantage. A Canadian who gives or offers a loan, reward, advantage or any other benefit to a foreign public official (or another person on behalf of an official) can be prosecuted in a Canadian or foreign court. Violation of the act is a criminal offence, punishable by imprisonment for up to five years.” explains the Canadian legislation.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has “the exclusive authority to lay charges under the CFPOA.”In 2008, the RCMP established the International Anti-Corruption Unit was established in 2008 with two teams of seven−one based in Calgary and the other in Ottawa. further explains the jurisdictional reach of the International Anti-Corruption Unit.

Hadhwanaag news, have confirmed to us, that, while not revealing the details of their legal recourse, they are exploring all of their legal options.

Somalilanders in Canada are also considering in using this legislation in going after Ali Baghdadi who is alleged to have embezzled public funds , showing their distaste for looting public funds, according to a source close to the expats engaged in the case.

Somalilanders who also were involved in the exposure and the deportation of Col. Yusuf Abdi Ali ‘Tokeh’  are also alleged to be talking to the lawyers who help them with the Tokeh’s case, hoping they will look at Baghdadi’s alleged crimes in Somaliland.

Col. Tuke driving Uber

Ali Baghdadi, who since moving to Hargeisa is rumored to have taken up a second wife, also illegal in Canada, is said to have told associates that he is done with Canada, news his Canadian family will likely not welcome.

The three Toronto owned Hadhwanaag News Journalist fled Hargeisa to Mogadishu, known for it’s dismal record of violence, according to the reporters Ali Baghdadi kept threating them with more jail time.

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