President Muse Bihi has laid the foundation of a National Historic Preservation Center

Hargeisa(SD)-President Muse Bihi has laid the foundation stone for a new National Historic Preservation Center, which will be implemented at the site of the former city center in Hargeisa.

The building, which will be implemented by the Somaliland presidency and will be built by the National Army, Somaliland business leaders. poets and various official spoke at the ceremony.

They all emphasized the importance of this nation’s center and the need to store all the historic resources of the country for the benefit of the next generation.

President Bihi talked about the history of the Hargeisa City Center, which is currently the site under construction for the National Historic Site, He emphasized that the site is a center for Somaliland society with a long history and is appropriate to preserve the nations History.

The President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi, commended the work of the National Contracting Commission for its transparency in serving the community, noting that he is impressed with the work of the committee and the service they provide.

The president’s view of the National Contracting Commission is not widely shared, and is seen as the epitome of nepotism and corruption in how they award contracts.


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