Djibouti President and Businessman Boore have reconciled, and what it means for Somaliland

Djibouti(SD)-According to sources close to the presidential palace in Djibouti has confirmed for us that the President of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh and businessman Abdirahman Boore have reached an reconciled their political dispute.

The two have been feuding for years over a business arrangement they had for years.

The government of Djibouti has previously filed a court case against Mr. Boore, who intern became the most vocal critic.

The Source confirmed for us that the two sides realized what they stood to lose if they have proceeded with the case.

In any case, the two were understood to be fighting over embezzled public funds.

The worry is, now that the two have reconciled, what does it mean for other bussines people in that country and the Horn.

Specifically in Somaliland were the fallout created opportunities for others.

The Djibouti opposition members in the diaspora are so far quit over the news.

It confirms that the rift between the two was all personal and not about the political change desperately needed in that country. 

The reconciliation made some nervous, while others are jubilant over the news.

The rift between the President and the Businessman has benefited the first lady’s cronies in Somaliland, opportunities created were enjoyed by the ruling coalition, the Jegan. 

That caused an open hostility by Djibouti’s public towards Somaliland as whole.

They’ve have since realized that the funds were embezzled by few well connected Kulmiye aligned businessmen. 

DP world is supposed to be also reconciling with the Djibouti government and is likely to go back to that country, and out of Somaliland.

It’s not clear how that is going to effect the Somaliland deal with DP World.

Word is that Mr. Boore’s wife and children have already made the move back to Djibouti and are living there now.

The Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh and Abdirahman Boore are yet to address this agreemant. 

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