Arrested and Fired Danab Army commander seen in Puntland recently

Garowe (SD0 – The Commander of the Somali Danab National Army, Captain Jeniqar Sheikh Omar, has regained his freedom after he was recently fired and detained in Mogadishu.

Captain Jeniqar appeared on local media after arriving in Garowe, the capital of Puntland, with a delegation of politicians and lawmakers.

It is unknown when he regained his freedom, it was days earlier when his arrest sparked a debate between members of the Somali parliament from Puntland and the commander of the country’s armed forces, General Odawa.

Captain Jeniqar was arrested for a negligence, according to the army chief, he was fired and arrested.

No details were given n his negligence, according to local media reports, his bodyguards had stolen military equipment, but journalists did not have independent sources confirming the incident.

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