President Ware ”Ninety percent of the town of Beledweyne is under water”

Beledweyne(SD)-Hirshnbele regional president Mohamed Abdi Ware confirmed nine percent of the town of Beledweyne had been flooded.

The president attended the burial of five people who were among those killed when their boat capsized in the middle of the city.

He said that by the amount of flooding in the town is estimated to be about once every 50 years, but the rains hit the city for two consecutive years.

Pictured from above Beledweyne, is a clearly totally under water, indicating that this is one of the strongest floods in Beledweyne yet.

 President Waare has called on the Federal Government and the international community, in addition to providing humanitarian aid and assistance, that there is a need to but a plan in place as to so flooding like this does not hit the town again.

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