Banadir Governor: Lots of unregistered Coronavirus related Illnesses and Deaths in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (SD) – Banadir governor and mayor of Mogadishu Omar Mohamud Mohamed Filish has claimed that a lot more people have died in Mogadishu then announced by the government.

Omar Filish, who spoke to the media today, said that the people who died of the Covid-19 in Mogadishu didn’t travel and their cases were related to community spread.

“The Virus is here, I am aware that many people have died and having been buried, and others are very sick, they never traveled outside of the country” he said.

The official’s statement further confuses the public as to the spread of the virus in the country and could cause mass hysteria.

The news that lots more people died of Covid-19 in the capital region also implies that the government is downplaying the virus’s effect on the public.

It was just yesterday that the Federal government’s ministry of health declared the first and only Covid-19 related death in the country.

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