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Chairman Saleban: International community should butt out of Somaliland Afairs

Hargeisa (SD) -The chairman of Somaliland’s Senate, Saleban Mohamud Adan, speaking at a press conference told the International community to refrain from Somaliland affairs as it refused to recognise them.

The chairman said Somaliland has several enemies, including the federal government of Somalia.

Chairman Suleiman also revealed that talks between Somalia and Somaliland revolve around reunification and they are not allowed to result in independence.

“Somaliland has lots of enemies, the world wants to force us to negotiate and not allow us to fight back and refuses to recognise us, our unity helped us with the lack of recognition. The world should leave us,” said the Speaker of the Somaliland Senate.

The Speaker’s statement comes at a time when Ethiopian PM Aby Ahmed is rumoured to be planning the reopening of the talks between Somaliland and Somalia.

The talks will have The Somali Federal Governments PM leading the talks with Somaliland.

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