Bossaso:12 convicted of the murder of Paul Anthony Farmosa shooting sentenced

Bossaso(SD)-The Armed Forces and Serious Crimes Tribunal of Puntland have sentenced a number of people today accused of killings and bombings in Bossaso town, the headquarters of Bari region, and especially the killing of P&O CEO Paul Anthony Farmosa.

The court sentenced death to these four suspects   Mahad Hassan Hussein, Ayub Nur Nuh, Bashar Mohammed Hassan and Mohammed Hassan Baraka Xaarisa, they were found to be members of al-Shabab and ISIS, and were involved in the assassination of P&O Director Paul Farmosa and other killings in bombings in Bossaso town.

The court also convicted murders, seven other suspects absentees as the court said in that they are members of al-Shabab, who also planned the killing of the port manager of P & O Paul Anthony Farmosa.

Also, the court ruled a death sentence of a soldier in the Puntland marines whose names is Mahmoud Ahmed Shekeye, who was found to have facilitated the killing Manager Paul.

Finally, the court set free to a defendant Adan Ishaq Adan, according to the court, there was no evidence of alleged crimes in connection with the killing of the Bossaso port manager.

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