ICJ court to decide Kenya’s postponement request again

The International Criminal Court (ICJ) is expected to finally decide on the renewed tensions between the Somali and Kenyan governments in the case of a maritime dispute between the two governments.

The Kenyan government has again filed a motion to postpone the hearing until September 2020, but Somalia has rejected Kenya’s request for postponement and insisted a hearing to be held on 04 November, this year. 2019.

The failure of the two governments to agree to postpone the hearing again, led to the Court to say it would make the final decision on issue.

This is the second time the Kenyan government has applied for a postponement of the hearing, despite a request from Kenya for a two-month adjournment of the case earlier.

People who are largely immersed in the dispute between the two governments on the border have said Kenya has little confidence in the decision of this Court and finds it unsuitable, which is why Kenya should consider to resolve this case outside the Court.

But Somalia appears confident in the court decision and will be satisfied with any ruling on the case.

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